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A huge shaded car park on the side of the tourist route along the gorges is there to welcome visitors. The caves, formed from an underground fossilised river have more than 50 km of recorded galleries. One kilometre of this system is open to the public. You will be struck by the size of the caves, the fairyland of the concretions, and especially by the waterfall transformed by time into pools of limestone lace called gour pools (unique in Europe). A new son et lumière show enhances this natural listed site. Nearby there is a picnic area and a 2-km long botanical trail where you will find a standing stone and a corridor grave.

Open from 15 March to 15 November

March – April – May – June : 10h à 18h
July – August : 10h à 19h
September : 10h à 18h
October – November : 10h à 17h




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