Courry – 30500 St AMBROIX
Tél : 04 66 24 34 74
Fax : 04 66 24 20 13

Welcome to the diamond cave. The Grotte de la Cocalière (a shell or hollow filled with ivy), is one of the many caves on the south-east border between the Cévennes and Provence and has given its name to a vast underground system covering 25 km. The part accessible to the public covers about 1 km. It is reached by an artificial tunnel then the tour underground path takes about 1 hour over an easy almost flat path. You will see “shields”, pearls, pools of crystal and a prehistoric gallery. You return to the reception area in a small train. On the site: large shaded car parks, discovery trails, shop, small bar, snack bar.

Open from 15 March to the November holidays

March – April – May – June – September – October : 10h à 12h – 14h à 17h
July – August : 10h à 18h




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