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45,000 years of Prehistory, 2,000 years of History described in a son et lumière show. New settings, new lighting, and a new route give a different view of this cave. Discover the geology of the cave and the origins of the Basque People with their mythology brought to light by J.M. de Barandiaran, the Basque anthropologist.
Admire the extraordinary work achieved by water over thousands of years. Wind your way from gallery to gallery to see the meanders, soda straws, gour pools and concretions not forgetting the upper levels where humans took refuge. At the end of the tour perhaps you will meet the laminak, genie of the springs (hologram). The route through the caves has been made suitable for the general public. Round off your visit with the site museum of and the megalithic park.


Open all year except January

Fév. – March – Nov. – December : 14h à 17h (sauf vac. sco. de 11h à 17h)
April – May – June – September : 10h à 18h en journée continue
July – August : 10h à 19h en journée continue
October : 10h à 17h en journée continue



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