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These caves, discovered in 1739 by doctor Dumolin, were formed in the limestone of the middle Jurassic in a rugged area of short bands of limestone crossed by large faults. The guided tour, with full safety precautions, starts in a huge sloping cave, followed by a chasm where a stream surfaces from time to time before flowing out into the valley. There follow a huge system of galleries and smaller caves with a wealth of formations.
There are also showcases showing prehistory and palaeontology, including flint tools from the Mousterian era and remains of bones of bears discovered in the adjoining cave. Length of guided tour: 1 hour..


Open every day in July, August and weekends until mid-September from 12 am to 7 pm (last tour starting at 6 pm)
Night caving tours are also organized during this period.
Group visits can be arranged on request outside of these dates.



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