9 - OSSELLE (Grotte de)
25410 ST VIT
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The beauty of its natural decoration, the variety of its crystallised rocks and colourings and its geology and prehistoric remains make the Grotte d’Osselle capable of ranking with the most amazing caves in the world.
The Grotte d’Osselle was discovered in the 13th century and has been open to the public since 1504, which makes it, along with Antyparos in Greece, the oldest known tourist cavern.
Buckland, who found in Osselle the first complete skeletons of cave bears that he exhibited at the British Museum; Silliman writing in the American Journal of Sciences and Arts in 1828; the Royal Society of London; and Cuvier, the inventor of palaeontology, have all made the Osselle cave famous throughout the world.


Open from April to 3 November

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